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About “Cheer Amusement”

Posted on 2013-03-08

Nanjing Cheer Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. which is located in lan tian xi lu kong gang industrial park lu kou town jiang ning region, is a specialized amusement equipment manufacturers that is set design、product、sale at an organic whole. Since its establishment, our company relying on quality products and considerate service, won the praise of customers in the industry .


In order to make customer satisfaction to the maximum, we hire a professional inflatable design staff and excellent production and technical personnel, they can customize according to customer specific ideas, professional design, to meet the different requirements of customers. We strive to all-round development, and strive to build brand toys belong to our homeland, "cheer amusement" mainly introduced products are naughty castle, outdoor recreation facilities, educational toys, inflatable bounce, etc. Our company main product -- naughty fort, adapted to the playground, malls, parks, hotels, villas, schools, kindergartens, community, restaurants and other indoor and outdoor place, products in major cities all over the country and exported to Europe and America and southeast Asia, more than 30 countries and regions, favored by the majority of customers welcome.


At present, with the national ministry of education proposed "science and education" group cooperation, reserching toys products that is profile to children body growth and expanding intellectual. there are lots of simple toys in the naughty castle, such as bobo ball pool, etc.,they can have a lot of play, give the child  large space to imaginate and creative ,and they can be suited to different age ranges. If Children feel achievements,when they played , he would like it. what is a good toy ? It must be controled by children ,and children can explore find and imagine it,in a word ,it should make children feel their ability!


If you are interested in "cheer amusement", you will be welcomed to call us. We will be devoted to close cooperation with old and new customers, to provide more quality products and services, making "cheer amusement"enjoy more popular support, be liked by more children , becoming a beautiful bridge which let children leap childhood.