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Attention For Choosing Inflatable Water Slide

Posted on 2013-03-26

Choosing an inflatable water slide can make a birthday party or backyard celebration a smash hit with partygoers--young and not so young. With a little planning and attention to who will be slipping down the slide, making the right choice for your party is simple.

Step 1. Consider the age of the people who will be using the slide. Older children can use slides with a rear walkup. If Children ages2-7,we recommended A front walkup water slide.


Step 2. Larger slides can require as much as 20 by 45 feet. So measure the party space for a suitable water slide and look for a level ground.


Step 3. Plan the water slide location near an outdoor faucet and hose as well as an electrical outlet.


Step 4. Pick a theme for the party and look for a water slide that will enhance it. For example, a luau party would be great for a tropical water slide that has palm trees on it.


Step 5. Contact party rental companies and start shopping. Ask them how much time they need to set up and when they will pick up the slide. Also ask about liability waivers.