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Cheer Outward-Bound Training

Posted on 2013-01-03

In order to relax the working pressure and improve the co-work ability cheer organized a outward-bound training on May 14th of 2011.Not only the clerks from head office but the shop leaders from the Wanda branch took part in this activity.


On the morning of 13th wearing the uniform that provided by the outward-bound training agency, our clerks got on the coaches that went to the training spot. We finally arrived in the foot of “Zhong Shan Tomb” one hour later. We arrived in the training spot after ten minutes walking.


More than one hundred people took part in the outward-bound training. They were divided into eight groups. Various activities were held on that day. All clerks enjoyed this activity although it was hot. We played Passing Letters Post House by Post House, Rapid 60 seconds, crossing the electricity net and CS on that day.


During the training activity we experienced the amusement and learned how to fulfill mission under the help of colleagues. The development the enterprise needs all workers effort. Only when cooperating all workers’ effort, that the enterprise could get development and have a glorious future. We believe that cheer will have a more bright future under the efforts of all workers.