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Children Play With Inflatable Slides Should Pay Attention To What

Posted on 2013-04-15

Inflatable slide, plastic toy itself is hard on children is not easy to damage children's toys have become the main raw material. Today, large inflatable castle, inflatable slides, plastic etc using these materials. At the time, these materials bring the soft damage can not be ignored. Today we explore the plastic toys and prevention of harm to children.


One: The size of the child to buy supplies. The child has no independent capacity to act, try to buy is not easy to let the children spit supplies to prevent the baby on the mouth and swallowed. The plastic toys that children can easily plug the throat or swallow swallow.


Two: Purchase toys manufacturers to choose the regular business, look for the product instructions and precautions.


Three: Check whether the standard of soft plastic. Inflatable water toyon the maximum length of less than 760 cm, plastic film thickness should be not less than 0.25 cm; maximum length greater than 760 cm, thickness of plastic film should not be less than 0.30 cm. Sub-standard easily broken and so forth.


Four: To see the structure is reasonable, children are sedentary, if the product is poorly designed it is easy to harm a child.


Five: To see if a pungent odor and product material content, avoid toxic substances harmful to children.