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How To Repair Your Jumping Castle

Posted on 2013-05-09

Holes in seams are the most common occurrence when repairs need to be done on jumping castles. This is often due to the continuous jumping by kids and in some instances adults on the jumping castle, causing the seams tear away over time.


Even though some jumping castles come with a patch kit that can be used in most cases, most often or you will quickly learn that it is unfortunately not that effective in resolving the problem. Don’t worry, there is another way of repairing your jumping castle. Here are a few instructions that can help you, and in no time your kids will be busy jumping again.


Locate the exact position of the leak or hole. A mixture of water and soap into a spray bottle is the solution to use just spray it liberally all along the seams of the jumping castle and presto, the solution will start to bubble up on the position where the leak is located. Notice where the hole is and make a mark with a marker.


The hole must be prepared for patching. Before attempting to patch the seam, ensure that the jumping castle is completely deflated, also that the seam is dry and use a bit of sand paper to roughen up the area. Make sure to thoroughly clean the rubber.


Glue around the hole. After application, let it dry for approximately 10-15 minutes. To ensure an extra layer of protection when the jumping castle is pressurized, also apply the glue to the inside of the seam for better results.


The jumping castle can now be inflated halfway with air. After about 30 minutes, the glue should be dried completely.


The jumping castle can now be inflated completely. To ensure that the hole is indeed fixed, use the water and soap mixture to spray the seam a last time.


Thus, for an effective way to repair your jumping castle, simply follow the easy instructions above.