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Inflatable Toys Can Reflect The Character Of The Children

Posted on 2013-02-23

As we all know, the children's favorite is playing. Through the play, children can touch reality, to know the world, growth wisdom; but how can play the lack of inflatable toys. Different age paragraph the children's psychological development level also will be different, choose toys and play nature also are different. What kind of toy preference and how to play, can reflect the child's mental state, and the child's character development has a very close relationship.


Such as: baby eyes love chase color bright objects, hands shaking can smacking toys. 1 years old children not only look, but also begin to take, that is to want to personally feel the items, realize goods quality, temperature. 2 ~ 3 years old children began to be interested in the activities of toys, not fully understand what between to touch. Three years old children is like to work on their own toys, toys and even destroy things because he is too inquisitive. "This is how to reply a thing? I must understand." So, he appeared in the adult looks like "destruction" behavior.


1, Like arms villi toys children, may be some emotional, fine and attachment, loving person. Plush toy is often all kinds of lovely little animals, can be as toys, also can be regarded as partners, can coax it to play, can also use it to vent emotions, can meet the emotional needs of children different time.


2, Like assembles toy children, usually curiosity is strong, easy to attract attention, keep longer, work more patience. Assembles toy need child brain, hand and eye coordination, training the ability and the coordinated ability.


3, Some children like motor inflatable toys, such as: inflatable trampoline, inflatable castle, inflatable rock climbing, inflatable slide, inflatable advertising, inflatable motos, etc. The children grew up active, often make play, running, jumping and so on the movement, is their parents think that "no safe". They usually energy and courage greatly, the inner emotional nakedness, action is their "speech", is a kind of expression. Such children like simple toys, his happiness comes from activity itself, toys in it is just a "decorations".


4, There are children like inflatable toys, a click of the button switch, air storage battery car can make them happy moment, but this kind of toy I can only see "surface lively" to ascertain its internal secret. Therefore, from children to understand the psychological need to start, we should correct choice children shake car.