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Inflatable Toys Leak Description

Posted on 2013-03-12

Inflatable castle, Inflatable Bouncer, inflatable rock climbing, inflatable slides are large inflatable toys, saw the name we should know, this product is composed of a material which are sewed together, by the inflator inflating into and forming of recreational facilities. Inflatable, air products is an indispensable problem. We are inflated and deflated three leakage and give you a detailed analysis, attention of inflatable products leakage can be directly in the air a careful reading view. In order to product and decide, for inflatable, leakage, bleeding.


Inflatable, inflatable products not is not called the inflatable toys, so inflation is the first step. In our product buy back, operation is started, the first thing to do is to spread into the inflatable toys. Only in the gas completely brace inflatable model to let children to play. We are generally distribution corresponding fan, inflatable hand basically at will, so long as the electricity fan to blow air inlet can be. Here the main problem is how much of the inflatable, inflatable electric, battery line? Under normal circumstances, is to use220V household electric can be directly blowing, usually a few minutes can blow up for children to play, because of the following two conditions (see below ), so is basically or intermittent insufflation. That is an average of per hour of electricity around. While the individual operator in the fixed occasions, causing electricity is not convenient, by some battery charging generator charging problem, but also a lot of. Our proposal is in the normal electric charge, if limited conditions, big storage battery and generator for the corresponding electricity is if it can be run.


This is the first time the operator contact leakage, the most common, and most often we received one of the problems. Air leak in an inflatable toy is inevitable, just imagine, just intake not leak the balloon is it right? Will burst, then only the intake not leak the castle? Suture of the badly split, suture of the ultra precise wind potential is pushed away from the air inlet to the blower. Therefore, the amount of leakage is normal, while the amount of leakage is given for other reasons. Whether physical point of view or practical security leak on the castle, is a protection to children. Here we have to distinguish that security leak and dangerous leak, security leak refers to in the gas filled their constraints allow was to protect their own safety and the safety of gas leakage caused around objects. For filling gas can work normally or run the small or relative to the volume of the gas leakage. And the danger of leakage is to focus on, that is more than its demand for inflatable objects caused by itself can not be normal exercise and injury to surrounding objects and the supply air. The general demand for a large number of beyond the harm caused by leakage behavior. Therefore, inflatable toys safety leakage is normal, we want to focus on is the risk of leakage, in order to prevent harm to children.


Deflation ( exhaust ), we hereby refers to the large inflatable play equipment in operation without and finishing work sometimes make people exhaust behavior. This general has no need to pay attention to, but we must remind is, it was here that the greatest risk. The exhaust is a very simple process, even more easily than inflation. Direct the fan stops, to natural exhaust is then folded over to him by or with the aid of complexes in the top row containing gas drive slowly, until it finished. Of course, also can use more rapid method, direct exhaust fan for extracting gases. When the exhaust we do fully confirm the lifeless body of inflatable upper play or activity, or when in the folded is easily ignored.