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Safety Matters Which You Should Pay Attention To In Playing Slide

Posted on 2013-03-05

Recent media broadcast this news: Mou lu Sun who is a 5 years old was mugged by a tied rope in collar which is stuck in the slider when he was playing on the slide in kindergarten, and make him chock. The teacher found that and took him to hospital for rescue immediately, and report to the police. Although the hospital strive to rescue, he finally died.


This bad news reminds that schools and parents should be focus on every details, to make sure children be safe.


Here are Safety matters which you should pay attention to in playing slide:


1、When a child plays slide, he should climb step by step, and climb up with hand rail; he should not backwards up to prevent accident.


2、Tell children must feet toward the decline, and the upper part of the body keeps erect. Children upside down or belly dropped down the slide must not be allowed.


3、In the process of decline, children should play one by one. Wait for the first child had finished, the second child can begin to slide. Don't let the children slide down all together, in order to avoid crowded injury.


4、Tell children that before they plays slide, make sure that there is no people who are sitting or playing in the bottom of the slider. When they finish the game, they should stand up and leave the slider at the first time.


5、Some slider that ladders are used for climbing is just a thin steel pipe, it is easily hurt for stepping on air and from a ladder gaps among fell down to children. So, when the young children are playing, parents need to hold they climb up.


6、When the children are playing , parents should not dress them clothing, scarves with long rape , and take off the latchkey rope, mobile phone rope and so on. For the girls, their long hair should be tied up.


7、A good suggest: children should play in the inflatable slider, so it can prevent most accident.


The game is children's favorite activity, parents and schools should pay attention to every detail, attaching importance to the infant security maintenance, don't let tragedy happen again.