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The Benefit Of Inflatable Bouncer

Posted on 2013-05-24

Do you remember the inflatable bouncer played as a child? Suspension, falling, and up again, this should be the most make people feel like the Fairy tale. Now, however, it is no longer limited to the children of the. In addition, it not only appears in international competition but also becomes a daily fitness and a choice.


For children, the biggest attraction of inflatable bouncer is the pleasure. But as an exercise, inflatable bouncer nothing but fun. The latest study found that high impact of training, such as inflatable bouncer, skip and go and so on.They are supposed to be hip and lumbar spine good bone source sexual stimulation and strengthen muscle s and even can inhibit the broken bone cells bone absorption effect. If you insist on jump, you can let the most vulnerable to hip fracture of the bone mineral density to be increased by 3%, this is because in the jump, the ground impact will stimulate bone formation. Still retain child-like people can go to try, a review of childhood memory and experience it to your body to bring change.


All materials are imported special PVC, good air-tightness, good abrasion resistance and long service life. With the import valve, it make inflatable bouncer convenient, safe and reliable. The paste parts adopt high temperature thermal bonding so its peel can become strengen and improve resistance of high temperature and hydrolysis and stop the ultraviolet light. The imported materials color fastness is high, the color would always keep new. It is widely used in the park, kindergarten, entertainment and other places. When you purchase it, you should pay attention to the quality, size, the collection and convenience and flexibility.