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The Castle For Snow White

Posted on 2013-01-10

After being  married for several years, Snow White and her Prince decide to move to a bigger and more beautiful castle. Because their babay is coming to the world. They look for the ideal castle for a long time but they still have not find a satisfactory castle. One day, when they are watching TV, they are immediatly attracted by the beautiful castles displayed on TV. "Oh, they are so beautiful" Snow White cried. " We will  live in that castle" the Prince made a decision at once. The castles  attract our Prince and Snow white are in far, far away China, but Snow White and her husband still decide to move there. They belong to a company named China-Cheer. Heard of the coming of Snow White and her family, China-Cheer prepared more than 10 designs for their choice. Let"s see.




Which one do you like and which one do you think our Snow White will like? You can also own a castle like Snow White does. Just visit China-cheer to buy castles of your own.