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Use The Inflatable Tents

Posted on 2013-04-09

There are many types of inflatable tents used for different reasons. Can the inflatable tent be used in bad weather, windy or cold? Can the inflatable tent be used for a period of time? Can the inflatable tent hold a large number of people? Is it water-proofing? Is it easy to setup and take down? Is it made of fire-retardant materials?


Our answer to all the above questions is YES. As a manufacturing factory, we have more than ten years producing experiences; we are clear about every detail of the problems that may occur to the inflatable tent. And we have absolutely solved the problems one by one. Lets solve the above questions one after another, which will help you make the correct decision when purchasing inflatable tents.


When manufacturing inflatable tent , the most important point is SAFETY. Each manufacturer must engrave it in his mind. To make sure the safety of the inflatable tent, the key point lie in the materials used. All the materials we used are in accordance with international standards. They are made of fire-retardant material. However, in order to make sure the safety, we suggest that users not smoke inside the tent, not have open-flames, or not have the fire too close to the tent. And we use treat the inflatable tent with a silicone impregnation or polyurethane coating, which can proof water. Of course, you can do it by yourself.


Last, I think everyone knows that inflatable tents is very convenient to setup and take down. Just find a larger enough space, the blower motor will make the tent stand up automatically.