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What Kind Of Toys Is Suit For 0-1 Years Old Baby?

Posted on 2013-03-01

1, baby shoes
Suitable for age: 0 months above baby
        Baby shoes as far as possible is colourful or a small animal, so can improve the baby to attract eyeballs and interest, and at the same time, also can let his muscles in sports, stretching feet and eye coordination get development.


2, baby game pad
Suitable for age: 0 months above baby
        Buy a color is rich and soft game pad, the add thick surrounding edge, so that can let the baby play interesting, and activity space is safe. The baby will be very like.
Cradle tip:
1) Different locations of the toy accessories can help baby development body movement, the development of sensory intelligence.
2) Mat multiple site Settings ring the bell, ringing paper sound device, can stimulate the baby's hearing development.
3) When the baby to play tired, still can be directly laid down on his mat to sleep.


3, Tooth gum 
Suitable for age: 0 months above
        Tooth gum by food grade plastic is made, so that we can meet the child in the long period of dental physiological needs.
Cradle tip:
1) Can make the baby's gums get massage, relieve the discomfort caused by long teeth.
2) Soothe baby teething irritable mood.
3) To help babies distinguish different colors and shapes, both educational education function.


4, Arms, baby
Suitable for age: 0 months above
        Take a name for baby, to teach the baby learn to take care of it.
Cradle tip:
1) Color design modelling can train the ability to distinguish color baby.
2) Are beneficial to the development of children's observation and imagination.
3) Training of the things around relationship baby learning ability.
4) Become the most personal baby toys, let the baby get a sense of security.


5,Hand bell series
Suitable for age: 3 months above  baby
        Try to choose bright-coloured colour bell, bell sound can attract the attention of the baby.
Cradle tip:
1) Let the baby contact different material, produce different senses of touch, the development of intelligent.
2) Colourful, can stimulate the baby's visual neural development.
3) Ring the bell sound, can stimulate the baby's auditory nerve growth.
4) With the baby toys, can exercise finger grasping ability and flexibility, improve baby's arm strength.


6, Strip insect insect
Suitable for age: 6 months above baby
        This has a smiling face of insect insect will become your baby's good friend.
Cradle tip:
1) The insect insect feet tied to the baby on the side of the bed, make baby easy to focus on.
2) Small insect mouth can be used to make hand puppets, parents can and baby to play role playing game.