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Posted on 2012-12-06

When holiday is coming,the pleasure ground is often the first choice for parents.And aslo,the inflatable products,such as infatable slide or inflatable bouncer, are the children’s first selection. So,>the quality and safety are the most concerned for parents.In the filed of inflatable products, cheer-inflatbale is one of the most competitive manufacturers in China.Our products have meet with a warm reception for their cute design, reliable quality and safety. In a word, cheer inlatable is your best choice.


Product Name: Cheer Amusement Slide
Item No.: CH-8369
Inflatable Slide is the essential memory of every person’s childhood.
1) Safe and durable
2) Low maintenance
3) Max. play value
4) Min. supervision
5) Add corporate identity
6) Different themes and colors