Inflatable Sports Park
Cheer Inflatable Play A Important Role In Cheer Amusement’s Business Line.
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lnflatable Sports Park
Amazing "Venice" Inflatable Park in the Middle East Created by Cheer Amusement
As one of the fastest growing and most cost-effective free trade zones, Ras Al Khaimah, thanks to its cost flexibility and reach, is rapidly emerging as the region's famous business hub. At the same time, commercial centers have flourished. Cheer Amusement Inflatable Sports Park is built based on the latest safety standards in Europe and The United States and integrates many functional areas and play projects , serving as a pioneer in the new era of playground equipment.
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Inflatable Park China Factory
Cheer Amusement has been in inflatable industry for 25 years, and is honored to be the OEM of many famous inflatable companies in the world. All our inflatable units comply to and exceed all material, manufacturing and design criteria's and standards for ASTM, EN 14960:2013 (Certificate No. BCTC-14079069).
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Inflatable Park
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