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Cheer Amusement Inflatable Giraffe Slide Amusement Equipment Supply Model : CH-IS110296

  • Description
Brand Name: Cheer Amusement
Product Name: Inflatable Slide
Item NO.: CH-IS110296
Dimensions: 12mL * 4.5mW * 7mH
Weight: 440kg
Colors: Unlimited


Product description:

Product NameCheer Amusement Inflatable Giraffe Slide Amusement Equipment Supply
Brand NameCheer Amusement 
Item NO.CH-IS110296
Belong toInflatable Slide
Capacity5 to 20 children
ComponentsInflatable Bouncer, Inflatable Slide
MaterialsLLDPE and PVC compound cloth
Age for3-15 years old
Use forShopping mall, amusement parks, theme park, celebration field, etc
Payment termsT/T 50% deposit and 50% balance before loading
PackageThe most fully package
Leading time20-30 days after receiving the deposit
DeliveryShipping Air transport etc.
After-sale Service1 year limited warranty
TechniciansWe can send our technician for supervision.
RemarkDifferent space can be customized design

  We LeEr odd is not only a children's playground brand, but also have a children's amusement equipment for many years experience in the production of the manufacturers, we have the production of each type of children's amusement equipment are required to pass our strict test, in ensuring the safety and reliability of its quality, will be sent to buyer after, so as to ensure that customer is safe to use.
  In the following picture saw inflatable slide, is our Cheer Amusement the main gas die products in one, we this kind of gas die slide Numbers for: CH-IS110296, is 12 m, width of about 4.5 m, 7 m high and weighs about 440 kg. Through the following a picture can see our all this kind of gas die slide bright colours, by yellow, green composition. The internal structure diversity, mean mode includes the ladder, slides, giraffes with a pile, and so on.
  We by the production of each type of gas die, for we have the safety instructions issued by the logo, which makes it easy to you the future maintenance and maintenance. Along with the product together with the distribution, and our corresponding gas mold repair bag, in order to avoid in the future use process, because caused by careless use of gas die damage. If your model gas products in use process appeared damaged, you only need to use we provide repair materials for gas mold repair, and won't make your gas die appearance no effect.
Cheer Amusement Inflatable Giraffe Slide Amusement Equipment Supply

        The slide has been painted yellow and green, among other colors, give a guest with comfortable bright feeling relaxed mood. Three giraffes’ modelling cleverly lovely is very fond of people. The slide looks really exciting, well to attract children's attention, in order to fully mobilize the child's interest.

Cheer Amusement Inflatable Giraffe Slide Amusement Equipment Supply

  The two sides of the slide is with the use of high quality yellow and green PVC cushion, convenient in the later use process, and at the same time can also remove the change will slide and the overall gas die very good separately. Yellow and green PVC cushion make our air die whole looks beautiful and easy, gorgeous and not rich. 

Cheer Amusement Inflatable Giraffe Slide Amusement Equipment Supply

        We this kind of inflatable slide modelling is simple, strong interest, adventure and do not break security, and has been popular children's favorite. When the children took off his shoes, above climb, planing, will have fun kubla khah dripping wet, fondle admiringly, it not only can exercise the children's body, at the same time also can increase the children's courage and insight.
        This product design fully comply with the children's play characteristics, whenever the children in this kind of colour beautiful slide the lubricating, rolling, climb, jump, all happy. The tenet of our company is to let the children enjoy the childhood fun at the same time, the development intelligence, physical exercise, this kind of gas die fully embody the purpose. If you are interested in this kind of inflatable slide, and if you want to know more about this kind of inflatable slide details, welcome to inquire, we will wholeheartedly for your service. If you need more products, welcome to contact us by e-mail


        All playground equipment of the company can be adjusted in the shape and size, if you want, please contract it with the salesman; The company payment method: T/T 50% deposit and 50% balance before loading; We will delivery after receiving the deposit within 30 days, and you can choose sea, air and so on many kinds of transport mode; All playground equipment have been fully packaging, delivery guarantee product safety; For the company's products, we can send technical personnel who would assist and guide the installation and using of the product, and this is decided by yourself; Our company products provide 1 year limited warranty and  after-sales service; Please remark: playground equipment need to protect from fire and cutting, as far as possible avoid touching flammable or sharp objects!


Company introduction:
        Cheer Amusement is one of the largest manufacturers in the world and No.1 manufacturer in China who specialize in designing, manufacturing and assembling the quality and affordable indoor playground equipment designed for commercial applications. We meet the Safety Standard EN1176-77 part 10, CE in EU and ASTM, CPSIA, UL94, NFPA701 in North America. We have built thousands of nice projects all over the world and enjoyed great reputation in this industry! Attached is the project which we did in Ujjain, India.

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